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Event Options

1) Add value to your event by incorporating the all new Trackman Event Software. 

Each guest will receive a post round email that includes the following...

  • A slow motion copy of your swing

  • 9 data parameters including club head speed, ball speed, and total distance

  • A long drive leaderboard

  • Comparable data to top LPGA and PGA Pros

  • Logo and branding opportunities

2) Capture your guests swings on one of your signature holes. We will capture each participants swing and then provide a detailed emailed swing analysis.

3) Walk the line- Our professional staff will provide tips to your guest prior to their round of golf.

4) Lessons at the practice facility-  Do you have beginners in your group?  A clinic with our professional staff is a great alternative to going on the golf course.

For more information or pricing options, call 602-692-1377