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There are 4 “PILLARS” that exist in order to play better golf--Better Technique, Club Fitting, Physical Fitness and Mental Conditioning.  In my opinion, these pillars are the foundation to lasting improvement. Every lesson plan will focus on one or more of these.  Together we will establish a “process” on what to do and how to do it so you can play better golf.  

1. Instruction

Do you want to be more consistent?   It is essential to have a repeating swing that delivers the club face, club head and club shaft thru the impact zone efficiently time and time again.  This is precisely what I will teach and once mastered, you will play the best golf of your life… guaranteed.

2. Club Fitting

You can have the best swing in the world but the results won’t be unless your clubs fit you properly.  At the RSGPC we fit for progression and not correction.  The club fitting process will be introduced once you have developed an efficient swinging motion.   The RSGPC has partnered with industry leader True Spec to offer the very best in custom club fitting.  

3. Mental Conditioning

The longest walk in golf is from the practice tee to the first tee.  Golf is unique from the standpoint that the training ground is completely different from the playing ground.  Why is it that you perform magnificently at the practice tee only to fall apart and stumble on the course?   I will show you how to create the mindset necessary in order to elevate your performance state while on the golf course.

4. Physical Fitness

Golf is nothing more than a sequence of motions. During these movements it is imperative that certain parts of your body remain stable while others are mobile.  The best players in the world are more mobile from the waist up during the backswing and more mobile from the waist down during the thru swing.  Golf specific fitness ensures that you have the necessary stability and mobility in order to make an athletic swing.   If you want to perform like an athlete, you must train like an athlete.      


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